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On these sites you will find tutorials, articles, example scripts, PHP related tools, jobs, web hosting services, etc.

PHP News

PHP Magazines

  • php|architect
    The first monthly English magazine about PHP, distributed in PDF format
  • PHP Magazin
    The Software & Support Verlag, based in Frankfurt, Germany, has now published a magazine on PHP as a tribute to the steadily growing German PHP community (in German).
  • PHP Magazine
    An English edition of the magazine mentioned above. The PHP Magazine is published bimonthly and aimed at professional PHP users.
  • PHP Tunisie Magazine
    PHP Tunisie Magazine is a monthly French speaking magazine, distributed in PDF format and dedicated to PHP and its related technologies. It's edited by the Tunisian PHP users group.

PHP Merchandise

Non-English PHP Sites

  • Bosnian
      Bosnian site with PHP and SQL manual, tutorials, scripts, forum, mailing list, tools, books...
  • Brazilian
      Brazilian PHP portal with many links and information
  • Chinese
    • Exceed PHP
      Open Source site with PHP, MySQL and Apache tutorials, articles and scripts
  • Croatian
    • (Croatian PHP community)
      Croatian site with news, source code, manuals, beginners guides, forums, questions & answers, on-line help for programmers, polls, tools, etc.
  • Czech Republic
  • Dutch
    • Pagina
      A Dutch PHP portal that lists a lot of PHP links, including free hosting
  • Estonian
    • PHP Center
      The biggest Estonian portal site with tutorials, manual translations, discussion board, chat room, link collection, news, etc.
  • French
      Home of PHP French documentation, with comprehensive technical information, and all PHP related news
    • phpdebutant
      Apprendre le PHP par l'exemple, facilement et simplement. R?serv? d'abord aux d?butants.
    • phpfrance
      Pour tout savoir sur le PHP, en fran?ais. Vous trouverez un tutorial, des exemples, des astuces, toute la documentation n?cessaire, ainsi que des forums pour poser des questions.
    • PHPIndex
      A French gateway to PHP related contents
    • PHPscripts-fr
      More than 500 PHP applications, listed and sorted
      Everyday PHP applicatoins advisories, bugs and vulnerabilities.
    • phpTeam
      Site traitant du PHP pour les professionels (php et flash, mysql, postgresql, pear,...)
    • FAQ of the French PHP newsgroup : fr.comp.lang.php
      (was: fr.comp.infosystemes.www.auteurs.php)
  • German
    • php::bar
      PHP related wiki
    • PHP Center
      German speaking portal site with tutorials, tips and tricks, job advertisements, articles and more
    • PHP-Homepage
      German site about PHP with scripts, tips, forums, MyGuestBook, articles, news and more
    • DynamicWebpages
      German site with installation guides, tips & scripts, BestOfGML, WhoIsWho - a view on german PHP-cracks, german manual, book reviews, links and more
    • PHPWelt
      A German website using PHP to offer free services, a huge script-archive, free scripts, tutorials and many more
      Some German tutorials about PHP
    • SelfPHP
      German function reference for PHP like SelfHTML for HTML
      German site about PHPGTK
      This german php community gives you everything you need. A large script-archive, lots of tutorials and a qualified moderated forum that answers nearly all your question
  • Hungarian
      Starting point for Hungarian and International PHP sites
    • Weblabor
      Fresh news, articles, links and mailing lists from the world of web development and PHP
  • Italian
      The biggest Italian speaking source for PHP: daily updated links to scripts, articles, tutorials and many other resources.
      An Italian site that provides a variety of developer tutorials, with a small PHP section
      An Italian-language PHP site that features a variety of projects, reviews, courses, tutorials and other resources
      Section of an Italian site that provides tutorials about PHP, hundreds of scripts, books and a list of free and pay webhosts which support PHP
  • Norwegian
    • (
      Norwegian site for newbies and intermediates. Installation help and scripts.
  • Persian
      A site about PHP for Iranians, with news and forums.
  • Polish
      Daily updated website with articles, translations, the biggest PHP Polish forum, dedicated IRC server, legal information section, etc.
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
      Romanian PHP Community, articles, tutorials, online discussions and forums.
  • Russian
      International PHPClub community based in Russia. Forums, articles, lessons, consulting.
      PHP in Russian. Full Russian documentation.
  • Spanish
    • PHP en Castellano
      Spanish PHP community. Articles, tutorials, courses, source code, forums, and more about PHP.
      News and tutorials
      A PHP resource directory for the spanish speaking people, programming articles and translated news.
  • Swedish
      A Swedish PHP portal with articles, news, forums and much more

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